We are a household brand, changing narratives and first ever corn cereals made locally by Tanzanians. Our mind blowing products are highly nutrious.

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Women in rural areas are engaged in Agriculture in Tanzania
Tanzanians with food insecurity
Tanzanian children under age 5 with stunted growth
At Goldenpot we work to Improve living conditions of our small scale farmers while reducing Malnutrition. Our original solution was working with over 500 women farmers to grow maize and add value to different products.

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Our Products

Breakfast cereal and porridge; fortified to fight malnutrition,
and the only domestic manufacturer in Tanzania, offsetting imports

Honey Crunch Cereal is a delightful and wholesome breakfast option that combines the natural sweetness of honey with the satisfying crunch of toasted grains. Each bite of these crunchy chocolate flavored cereal pieces is enriched with essential vitamins and nutrients make it worthy bit. Best enjoyed when mixed with cold milk for a delicious and satisfying breakfast.

Enriched with Vitamins and nutrients.Our cornpuffs are nothing like in the market they are fortified with Iron, zinc, vitamin b12, folic acid and calcium. Fortified to give our consumers a combination of healthful and addictively crunchy snack that offers the authentic flavor of corn in every bite. These puffs are a delightful combination of light, airy texture and savory corn taste, making them a favorite among snack enthusiasts.

This specially formulated porridge provides a balanced and satisfying meal option, ideal for various settings, including emergency relief, school feeding programs, and daily nourishment for individuals of all ages. Instant Porridge is a nutritious and convenient instant porridge that adheres to the high standards set by the World Food Programme (WFP) which helps to Reduce Malnutrtion and Immunocompromised Persons.

ChocoPops Cereal is a delightful and chocolaty breakfastoption designed to please chocolate lovers of all ages. This cereal combines the rich taste of cocoa with a satisfying crunch to create a morning treat that’s both delicious and energizing enriched with vitamins and nutrients. Best enjoyed when mixed with cold milk for a delicious and satisfying breakfast.

Our Team

Haika Mtei

Haika Mtei

Founder & CEO
Passionate and innovative social entrepreneur focused on agribusiness to empower women, promote healthy eating, provide sustainable food supply and economic liberation for the people in Tanzania. Strategic and results oriented, motivated, strong analytical skills, excellent communicator, driven to make a difference.
Boniface Sammo

Boniface Sammo

Head Operations
With a strong background in business development, with a passion of transforming ideas into tangible achievements, Boniface spent last 8 years dedicated to driving growth and creating positive change in various organisations. As an operation manager, He thrive on taking on challenging tasks that require a results-driven approach.
Desmond E. Justin

Desmond E. Justin

Head Finance
A seasoned professional with a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance and a rich tapestry of over a decade's worth of experience in the field. His career has taken him on a journey through various roles in the business accounting and finance sector, enabling him to cultivate a deep understanding of the financial landscape.
Elizabeth A. Mtei

Elizabeth A. Mtei

Head Production
Dedicated professional with a strong foundation in food science and technology and three years of hands-on experience in food production. My journey in the realm of food production has been driven by a profound passion for creating high- quality food products that meet both industry standards and consumer expectations

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